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Moss Studio

  • Bunny swatch in Blush
    perry bench

    Perry Bench


    The Perry Bench has made its way into our hearts and designs. The open lines of the painted gold base frame up cozy, inviting fabric benchtops. Whe...

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  • indigo belgian linen swatch
    leigh chair

    Leigh Chair


    Pretty and perfect, the Leigh Chair is the best-looking comfy spot to catch up with friends or get lost in that classic novel. The slipcovered ease...

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  • charcoal grey performance velvet swatch
    upholstered andrew sofa

    Andrew Sofa


    Classic beauty abounds in this fresh, updated sofa. Andrew features the simple lines of a bench seat and is topstitched to perfection. Enjoy the co...

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  • charcoal grey performance velvet swatch
    Nick sofa

    Nick Sofa


    Handsome and stately, the Nick Sofa has really got it going on! This tufted, tight-back piece of art brings a dressed-up yet perfectly comfortable ...

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  • denim performance velvet swatch
    Broadway sofa

    Broadway Sofa


    A showstopper, the Broadway Sofa is your ticket to the best seat in the house! Good looks and perfect comfort take center stage with this custom so...

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  • emerald performance velvet swatch
    upholstered amanda sofa WH & Co.

    Amanda Sofa


    Beautiful Amanda is pretty and quite the performer! Slipcovered in washable Belgian linen or upholstered in performance velvet, this is the way to ...

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  • charcoal grey performance velvet swatch
    brett sofa

    Brett Sofa


    Classic, meet comfortable. The Brett is a truly generous sofa that delivers ultimate comfort in such a great-looking package. Sink into the best th...

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  • performance velvet swatch in lagoon
    renea upholstered chair

    Renea Chair


    The bold lines of Renea's angular frame make a statement. The soft, inviting cushioned seat makes you think her statement may be an invitation to r...

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